Business Etiquette for Ambitious Professionals

A 1 on 1 Business Etiquette Coaching Program so that you can feel confident and comfortable in any business situation.

Do you experience anxiety, stress, or awkwardness when attending business meetings, networking events or other business functions? Is it possible that your appearance, behaviour and communication are part of the reason you feel stalled in your career?

Business etiquette skills can erase any uncertainty you feel and set you apart as a professional.

Good business etiquette will enable you to face whatever the future may bring with strength of character, conviction, and integrity. Good etiquette is the difference between a smooth professional relationship and an awkward one. And yet, many people are lost when it comes to business etiquette.

With this 5 session  Business Etiquette for Ambitious Professionals program, you’ll go from uncertain and awkward to confident and successful in any business setting. Discover how your leadership abilities and knowledge shine through when you’re on top of your professional etiquette game.

Business Etiquette for Ambitious Professionals Program Details

This is a 1:1 coaching program that involves five-one-hour sessions over the course of 5 weeks or whatever time frame works best for your schedule.  These sessions can be in person, by phone, Zoom or Skype, whichever is most convenient for you. At each session, I will provide information and guidance, you’ll gain new skills that you can put into practice immediately and you’ll be expected to meet agreed upon goals to ensure your success. As you know, success requires putting in the work that not everyone is motivated to do.

Excellence in Professionalism

Jennifer Grant has over 30 years of corporate leadership experience helping executives, business leaders, and front-line teams perform at optimal levels. Jennifer holds several professional designations including being certified in Business Etiquette and Communications and Image Consulting. Qualifications aside Jennifer is an expert on business etiquette and I pride myself on being fully dedicated to my client’s advancement and success.

Program Outline:

Session One - Business Etiquette Foundation

After this session, you will be able to choose the appropriate outfit for any business occasion and you will understand how having a personal brand sets you up for success.

Session Two - Etiquette in the Workplace:

After this session, you will be able to communicate in a way that commands interest, attention and respect. You will know exactly what you need to do and say to win a job or a promotion.  You will better understand how to foster positive and beneficial work relationships and you will know how to host an effective and productive busines meeting.

SessionThree - Rising to the Occasion:

After this session, you will know how to create a winning and memorable first impression with your clients and others whom you interact with. You will have new skills and knowledge with which to provide exceptional service and you will learn how to showcase your  personality, talents and skills at any business event.

Session Four - Etiquette Outside the Office:

After this session you will feel poised and confident in any business or social situation involving dinners or networking events.  You will learn the art of small talk and how to make formal and informal introductions.

Session Five - Networking

After this final session, you will be equipped and look forward to attending all types of networking business events and you will have a sound knowledge of global business etiquette practices.

By investing in this  program, you will feel empowered and confident in every business scenario. With proper business etiquette skills you will improve your performance, set yourself apart from the competition and better achieve all of your professional and personal goals.

Your Investment $597.00*

*Invest in yourself with no risk. This program carries my personal guarantee. If you do not see a marked improvement in your business etiquette skills within 3 months of the program’s conclusion I will provide a full and immediate refund.
"Jennifer was well prepared and provided a great workshop experience where my team refined their social media skills, better understood how First impressions affect business today and developed their personal branding."
Malcom Dunn
Regional Manager Interior Savings Credit Union
“Jennifer’s presentation was highly informative and our sales team was very engaged. I am confident that our team will employ many of the recommendations and tips that Jennifer shared with us."
Bryan Ford
General Sales Manager The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group