Forever Fearless and Fabulous

A motivational and transformational coaching program for women aged 50 plus. This program is for women who want to go from being uncertain or fearful of aging to being Fearless and Fabulous in 6 months so that you can put yourself first with total confidence and excitement about your future.

Aging is not about surviving, it's about thriving!

There is increasing evidence that most women feel a greater sense of fulfillment, self-actualization, reaching their peak–as they grow older. Whatever place or stage you are at as you approach your 50’s and 60’s this program will definitely help you to unleash your greatest strengths, creativity, passions, talents and potential.

With this 6-month coaching program you will go from being uncertain or fearful of aging to embracing your future with confidence, excitement, and curiosity.

Jennifer has worked with business leaders, entrepreneurs, women’s groups and individuals through workshops, seminars, presentations and keynotes.

Forever Fearless Program Details

This is a 1:1 coaching program that involves 2 one hour Zoom coaching sessions per month over a period of 6 months. At each session, you will be provided with information, guidance and support to gain new awareness and skills that you can put into practice immediately.

Why Jennifer Grant?

As a successful and ambitious career woman who has reinvented herself several times, I am uniquely qualified to be your coach. I am a certified image consultant, business etiquette coach, personal brand expert and an accomplished athlete. After a 30-year corporate career in the airline industry, I started my next chapter by launching Jennifer Grant International and I am truly living my passion every day. I have helped many women to successfully navigate their transition into their 50’s and beyond by helping them to find their confidence, strengths and talents to become the best version of themselves. I will help you make your next chapter your best chapter.

Month 1

After this month , you will be having a much clearer idea of the path you want to travel to live a fearless, fabulous, productive and fulfilling life ahead.

Month 2

After this month , we will have set some goals around your next steps to start the transformation process of becoming fearless and fabulous.

Month 3

After this session, we will have created an amazing plan to start your transformation in your appearance, health and fitness goals.

Month 4

After this session, you will have a renewed vision of your life, relationships, purpose and passion. We will also address your financial goals and retirement plan to ensure you feel secure.

Month 5

After this session we will have brainstormed on how you might want to rebrand and reinvent yourself beyond 50. There are so many possibilities for you to make a career move or become an entrepreneur.

Month 6

After this last session you will be equipped with a complete tool kit to embark on your journey to be forever fearless and fabulous.

By investing in this transformative program, you will feel truly empowered and confident in all of your pursuits to be Fearless and 50 and Fabulous at 60.

Investment : $250/month

This program is the ultimate in self care. Think about this program like a spa visit for your mind and your soul.

Register now to secure your spot and start your transformation to being Fearless at 50 and Fabulous at 60 now. Let’s make your next chapter your best chapter.


"I knew the legend of Jennifer through my colleagues back in my Canadian Airlines days. It wasn’t until I made an Emergency Response presentation to the airport leadership that I experienced the full force of Jennifer for myself.
I doubt whether she knew how much my legs were shaking or how badly my inner saboteur was beating me over the head for having the audacity to create such a program, but when she stood up and said, “Hear, hear for this amazing talent…” well, I still get goosebumps today. It was her encouragement that led me to believe in myself. I went on to start my own writing business, get a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, and leave the airline world behind me. This is what Jennifer did for me, and what she can do for you, too. She may not wear her Superwoman cape every day, but to me, she is a hero!"
Lynne West
Writer, Westwriter Communications, Victoria. BC
“Jennifer Grant is one of the most professional business coaches I have had the pleasure of working with. I wrote to her with specific questions and comments concerning my business, and her response to me was within 24 hours. In addition, speaking with her is a pleasure. Her prior professional work experience, combined with her coaching expertise has been extremely beneficial for me. I would highly recommend Jennifer. She has tremendous business insights and is a great business and coaching resource. "
Leah Franke
Retirement Strategist, New York