Powerful First Impressions

You don't get a second chance to make a First Impression.

Books get judged by their cover all the time and so do you.

 A good  first impression is critical to success.  Others will judge you within 7 seconds of meeting you in person and a mere 2 seconds of viewing your online profiles. Everything contributing to the way you look and conduct yourself is important. If it’s not helping you, it’s hurting you.

Do people forget your name? Do your ideas and suggestions get ignored? Are you being passed over for promotions? Do you shy away from networking events because they make you feel anxious. Is your fear of public speaking holding you back in your career?

Go from being forgettable to remarkable  so that you can gain the attention, respect, and the opportunities that you deserve. By the end of the First Impressioons  program, you’ll know how to confidently put your best self forward in every situation, every time.

Excellence in Professionalism

Jennifer Grant has over 30 years of corporate leadership experience helping executives, business leaders, and front-line teams perform at optimal levels. She is a certified Image Consultant and an expert in Business Etiquette, Human Relations  and Communications. Jennifer is highly qualified to assist you in finding your unique characteristics and coach you toward presenting yourself professionally and memorably.

This is a 1:1 coaching program that includes five one-hour sessions over the course of five weeks or whatever duration suits your schedule. At each coaching session you will be given guidance, new skills to put into practice, and you will be expected to meet agreed upon goals to ensure your success.

Program Outline:

Week One - Presenting Yourself:

After this module, you will know what it takes to make  a professional appearance in order to portray yourself in the best possible light in all business and social occasions. We will discuss your specific  wardrobe and style to determine what changes if any you need to make in order to feel more confident in your appearance. We will review the basics of Business Etiquette so that you will feel confident and self assured in any busy setting.

Week Two - Conversation:

After this module you will know how to introduce yourself and others according to age, rank and status.  You will be able to deliver an elevator pitch that tells others exactly who you are, what you do and what unique talents and strengths you have to offer.  You will learn how to master the art of small talk and be more comfortable conversing on any topic in any situation.

Week Three - Group Settings:

After this module, you will have increased confidence in the art of networking and you will know the tips and tricks to growing your network.  We will break down any fears you have on public speaking and equip you with new skills to help you ‘own the room.’

Week Four - Online:

After this module, you will understand what your digital footprint means and how you can optimize your social media profiles. 

Week Five - Practice:

After this five week program, you will be able to make a winning and memorable first impression. You will notice people are more likely to remember you, respect and admire you and recommend you which will result in improved sales, stronger business relationships and increased opportunities for your profitabilty and  success.

Your Investment: $497.00*

*This program is guaranteed. If you do not see a marked improvement when making a 1st impression Jennifer Grant International will offer you a full refund.

"Jennifer was well prepared and provided a great workshop experience where my team refined there social media skills, better understood how 1st impressions effect business today and developed their personal branding."
Malcom Dunn
Regional Manager Interior Savings Credit Union
“Jennifer’s presentation was highly informative and our sales team was very engaged. I am confident that our team will employ many of the recommendations and tips that Jennifer shared with us."
Bryan Ford
General Sales Manager The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group